Ironkraft: Road to Hell Free Download is a side-scrollowa game that could be defined as the post-apocalyptic brawler with the car in the lead role. The production is the first Hungarian project author of the Invoker Studios, whose members for more than 15 years of collaboration,

especially in games like Ryse: Son of Rome, the trilogy of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, and even native of the Witcher 2. The plot of the game takes place in a very strange of the alternative reality of the SECOND WORLD WAR, the Nazis Earth also mastered the zombies and the extraterrestrials.

Humanity lives in closed quarters in settlements where the main concern is the security of the transportation of resources. On the roads, because nobody can feel safe. With the exception of the so-called Railroader who offer their services, moving specially modified and cars. In one of them, the name of Chris Rv Petrol act is the players.

The main “working tool” of our hero is suitable for the most complex tasks, the car in the Pentecostalism the name of The Annihilator. It is fully editable, and in the game process we can mass-equip additional gadgets, from different types of horns after the full range of lethal weapons, designed to destroy fascists, aliens, zombies, and all who come to us on the way.

In the arsenal turned out to be a number of very strange inventions, such as the concept of secret super-weapons of the Nazis: Kitty Cannon and Sauerkraut Sprayer. An action game opens on the side, as in the classic brawler – platform. The game comes down to successive stages, where a variety of tasks awaits us.

An end in itself, but the filling of the character’s purse, and ways to do it, we have several. In addition to the traditional work, relying on the transport of various goods, we can also penetrate the secret of silos, search for hidden treasures and participate in crazy bonus stadiums.

Everywhere we are, of course, preventing a variety of obstacles and its opponents, which we speak rather brutally. As the production typically, ie Ironkraft: Road to Hell Download Torrent can boast a beautiful mount of audio-visual equipment, made in 2.5 D.


background, impress with the quality and detail, and the gameplay accompanies the mass of explosions and special effects. Controversy, the focus has also been on a physical engine and realistic vehicle behavior in various field conditions. Вишенку on the cake are easter-eggi related to almost any field of modern popular culture.

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