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HELLION-this production in the genre of survival sandbox with space simulator elements, focuses on the gameplay of the network and is designed for the Windows PC platform. It is also the first project of the Zero Gravity Games studio. Intrigue Intrigue Gellion takes place in the distant future. In the XXIII century,

humanity organizes the first when the mission kolonizacyjną. Nearly one million settlers (including the player character) remain transferred to the namesake of the galaxy as part of a major project in the history of humanity. But when we wake up after decades of cryogenic sleep,

our eyes appear to be destroyed by space stations and wrecks, and everywhere traces of struggle. Say, 1700 light-years away from any help, we are forced to survive in extremely unfavorable conditions. We, too, tried to discover the reasons for the failure of the expedition.

Gameplay HELLION is not significantly different from the typical representatives of the genre, so that the fight for survival compete in space. Therefore, up to our concerns – next to the search for raw materials, creating objects and taking care of the health of the avatar I see a boat.

The goal of developers is to achieve maximum realism, considering the laws of physics, advanced equipment repair and damage mechanics (affecting both the appearance and the operation of the object). The immersion is to deepen the most typical for the kind of use of the first-person view.

An important aspect of the Gélión are the relations between the players. The game in no way limits the action compared to other participants of pleasure and at any time perhaps, that the old allies have decided to put a knife in the back.

However, cooperation with others will be indispensable even in the process of exploration and management of large groups, which require anticlockwise of the crew. If you have already arrived before the fight, tactics and the application of electronic devices, will be crucial to escape unscathed.

Do not miss a complex communication system, especially with the ability to intercept negotiations in unsecured channels. The technical issues of Хллион on the Windows PC platform uses the Unity Engine, here too,

Download HELLION Pc Free

the main goal of the developers was to achieve a more realistic acoustic wrazeń. Improved his system takes into account especially the distance of the sound source and changes in the environment.

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