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War of Rights Rechargeable Skid row is a network of FPS, integrated in the era of civil war. The game has created a Campfire Games studio, for which it’s a market debut.

The developers have been able to play as part of several authentic campaigns (in particular, the Maryland campaign, which took place in September 1862 and was key throughout the Civil War), and you can play games. Confederation and European soldiers. The player has the choice, the role that wants to play in this confrontation.

Can participate, as a soldier, who is simply a fight in the front line, but decisively the course of a battle, the general. Then is at the headquarters and makes the strategic decisions, looking at the map and measures addressed to it the information regarding the proper and adversary affiliates.

Then, the real-time orders press the whole chain of command until they will not be in captains, commanders of the regimental twins.

An interesting feature is that players have become different roles, have the opportunity to make my order, unopposed, as well as “untowardness” and take action, at its discretion, if they feel that this solution is the most useful for them.

In War of Rights Free Download has focused on literal adoption of the final decision to the realities of civil war and compatibility with historical events.

The target of the players, the characters are fighting these weapons and these forms, which are actually used during the civil war. The battle takes place in real places and taking into account forces, which are the two parts of the conflict.

During the game, you can play, in particular, at the Battle of Civil War, one of the bloodiest in the history of the United States (death of 23 thousand people, soldiers),

who Many experts, was a turning point for the final defeat of the Confederation. Your troops, you can send, for example, to the Battle of Harper Ferry, or even in the battle south of the Mountain.

Download Free WAR OF RIGHTS For Pc

The game runs on the basis of the Cryengine graphics engine, thanks to which visual binding is worth at the highest level. In particular, this concerns the outside world that surrounds the player – the relationship with enough details of the environment,

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