Download Free Need for Speed Rivals For Pc

If you like action and car games, then here is a title to add to your collection: Need for Speed ​​Rivals. This is a racing game. You will walk the city centers of the most beautiful capitals to try to beat your competitors but also to sow the police,

which will leave you little respite. A large selection of cars In an open world, you will be driving a sports car, you will walk the streets in search of competitors but also participate in races. You can then face a large selection of exotic cars.

Bugatti Veyron, Koenigsegg, Ferrari F12 or McLaren P1: the latest references in the field are there. Your mission: to be the best. For this, all shots are allowed. Improve the performance of your car, use the ramps to fly over the traffic and if you see a shortcut on your road: do not hesitate, it can make all the difference.

With Need for Speed ​​Rivals, every second counts and can make a difference. In any case, never rest on your laurels because your competitors are more experienced than ever. Escape the police: more complicated than it seems!

They ride in Mercedes C63 AMG, sometimes in Dodge Viper GTS-R and other times in Bugatti Veyron. They are the police and they will not let anything happen.

You will have to dodge them fairly regularly because if they catch you and stop you, the addition may be salty. Then you will have to take all the risks … Graphics in the right way The graphics offered by Need for Speed ​​Rivals are breathtaking.

From the countryside, from the city, there is really everything. You will have to face climatic conditions that are not always favorable. In all cases, the graphics are cared for, both the modeling of cars and the decor.

The details are fine, the laws of physics well represented. Finally, the decor is diverse, you will not see in a loop the same houses and buildings in your way.

Download Free Need for Speed Rivals For Pc

Because even if your car is going very fast, it can become tiresome after a while. Over time, you will earn money during the races, which will allow you to improve your car or to change when the desire will take you and that your virtual bank account will allow you there.


  • Open world, very large map,many races to be done,against the racers but also against the police
  • Artificial intelligence very well managed and realistic somehow
  • Graphics of a very good level.
  • Realistic sound effects that do not repeat continuously


  • In online mode, some loading times can be really slow
  • Without a steering wheel, control with the keyboard becomes difficult. Many keys are needed and not always arranged in a very ergonomic way

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