Download Free DENY: AUTOMATA Full Pc Game

DENY Automata Download Free PC this action adventure game developed by PlatinumGames studio. During the game, we mostly eliminate many different enemies using both melee weapons and magic spells.

DENYAutomata Download Crack is released on the Windows PC adventure action platform, which is a continuation of DENY 2010. It is suitable for the PlatinumGames editorial studio, known among the Vanquish or Bayonetta series.

The team created this real original, but the project director was Taro Yoko, that the man who held the same role, among others, the production of the first views and Drakengard Game Nier. Therefore, despite changing the title of the developer retained a predecessor.


Action DENY Automata Download Torrent is set in the distant future. Presented by the authors of the vision of these times should not be optimistic. Invasion of the extraterrestrial mechanical civilization wiped out humanity from the surface of the Earth, and the survivors found refuge in lunar bases.

The campaign tells the story of an android woman named YoRHa No.2 type B, built by the inhabitants of the moon. Warrior is sent to Earth for a mission of his reflections from enemy hands.


Exit on Windows PC platform Download DENY Automata Free PC Game is a dynamic action adventure game in which we observe events from the point of view of the third person. The game focuses primarily on battles with hordes of enemies using a very large combat system.

Download Free DENY: AUTOMATA Full Pc Game

During the battles we use a variety of techniques, weapons and spells, and from time to time we also have to face the powerful bosses. Dotted fun with adventure elements, including the puzzle solving and casual exploration sections.

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