Download THE EXECUTIONER Free Pc Game

Prepared for Windows PC The Executioner is a two-dimensional game, in which we can find elements of genres such as RPG or visual narrative. Production allows players to take the role of a hangman, who tries to get people out of this information, and kills those who have acknowledged their guilt.

For the creation of this production corresponds to the debiutanckie independent studio Lesser Evil Games. The plot of the action game takes place in the dark world, similar to those of the middle ages. The player takes the role of an executioner, who, in their work, torments and kills people,

trying at the same time to preserve the shreds of his own normality. Our hero comes from the underprivileged sections of the population. The work he inherited from his father, and she’s really good, especially thanks to the extraordinary peculiarity – synthesizes

(this term, we designate a biological phenomenon, caused that the person receives a sense by another, for example, sees the color).

Our goal is to gather information about people from the plot and stand up to traditionally Okinawan values ​​are on the verge of revolution in the city where the action of the game takes place (including scientists and opponents of the so-called New Faith, relying on the crown of religion, as well as the followers of the Old Gods).

Mechanical, the Gameplay in his report, published on the Windows PC The Executioner is primarily based on reading and analyzing data, as well as acceptance of the election, affect the further development of events. The players also decide, in particular,

on what to do with the tortured information torture and what is the attitude of your character at the execution of their work (we even have the possibility to leave the dirty work in the hands of the assistant, which is related to the need to take responsibility for any mistakes). Our hero also has his father’s diary,

but there is never any certainty, this information should be taken in the categories of advice, or perhaps a warning. The game has several unusual features, a mechanic and elements such as seeing the mind, the ability to sell bodies and develop his arsenal of tools, using the money earned, or …

synthesizes main character, which allows him to distinguish the truth from the lie. Also highly developed is the torture management system. Each we character has some statistics of immunity, physical and psychic – pulling information requires the application of their methods and tactics.

Victims can treat a different kind of wound, as well as sinking into mental illness. The game modes The Executioner in the version on the Windows PC has only a single game mode. The technical questions presentation The Executioner is mainly based on the dish, painted a la carte.

Download THE EXECUTIONER Free Pc Game

Attention may be interesting the color gamut is a game in most black and white because rarely, wyłamujące of this rule of color (for example, red is the color of blood, or are present on some screens of statistics of color green and blue) more striking. The Executioner game was extremely severe on the theme and high level of cruelty, and that can not be adapted for players with weak nerves. This title has been published in the episodic formula.

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