Europa Universalis IV: Britannia Free Download It has released on the Windows PC platform more than the fourth part of the popular series of historical strategy games. The extension requires the basic version for the game, both productions developed the Paradox studio.

Mechanics Rule Britannia is the second in a series of so-called “Immersion Packs”, published for Europa Universalis IV. Belonging to this category, the extension focus on Presbyterian functions and content of some regions of the world.

It’s more, according to the title, dedicated to the UK. When the gambling process begins, the middle of the fifteenth century, England is in a difficult situation, exhausted by wars and religious conflicts. Our task is to transform it into an empire at the scale of the unknown influence of the whole world, thus creating the strength, commercial, military and industrial,

which will eclipse all the other powers. The extension introduced into the system of missions, new decision trees, specially designed with the idea of ​​England, Scotland and Ireland. In addition to this, there are maritime exercises, which allow us, in particular, to define common strategies for certain fleets, which provide them with bonuses for trade, efficiency in combat, or to keep ships in good condition.

The extension also extends economic elements, at the beginning of the industrial revolution, as well as in the later stages of the most developed games in the province can begin to extract and use coal, which significantly increases the productivity and growth rate of the country’s wealth.

The application is also introduced a mechanism to promote innovation, providing us with a variety of bonuses, when our country, as the first will receive a technology, for example, by reducing energy costs. In addition, published for Windows Europa Universalis IV PC platform: Rule Britannia Free Download extends the list of destinations,


adding Anglicanism, whose appearance in England opens before us inaccessible before convenience and religious solutions. The list of amendments closes the introduction of knowledge sharing options and decisions of the United Nations sagaciousness.

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