Death-Trash is an RPG game, for the development of which is the independent development studio of Legends of Berlin. The title appeared on the Windows PC platform, and a source of inspiration for its creators have cult-type representatives, led by Ultimą VII: The Black Gate and Plan escape Torment.

The plot of the Action of Death Trash Free Download takes place in a groove of the universe, connecting the characteristics of the currents postapo and cyberpunk. The title takes us on a journey to the planet Tavrida, whose population began to defend after the Great Galactic War.

Unfortunately, soon thereafter again controversy between factions, demolitions, resources, influence and persuasion. To top it all, the case began to intervene mysterious creatures called by the elders, released from their prison. At the height of the conflict is the player, depends only on him, it eventually complete, or even cause escalation.

The mechanics of the game released on the Windows PC platform Death Trash Download Skidrow starts with the choice of heroes and bring the statistics of individual preferences. The gameplay scheme is no different from what we are accustomed to us other RPG games,

So as part of the fight, we observe an action in isometric view, to catch up, first, Presbyterianism dark places , the execution of project work on neutral characters (during dialogues, there is the possibility of care of a person at any time) and the development of a hero.

Also play an important role of collision with opponents who led us in real time using standard and psionic weapons of power; on our way to become like people, and mutated monsters. What is interesting, during the adventure, we can not only kill the opponents, but the heroes are friendly to heroes.

The game contains a craft system, with which we create inventory items. The game modes Despite the fact that the pillar of Death Trash Download PC Game mode single player, the game is also a multiplayer module that allows to play accompanied by a second person on a screen.


Technical issues two-dimensional graphics Death Trash Download PC Game There was in plasterwork stylistic on this idea of ​​the first and second Fallout. Characteristic of the game is the highest level of cruelty and foul language.

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