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Chasm Download Crack is the new brand, which is a combination of 2D platforms in the fantasy style and specific elements for the action-rpg genre. Game developed by Independent Studio Discord Games, which is responsible for the minor production of India, such as: Take Arms and 48 Chambers.

The plot tells the fate of a soldier, who was wounded with a long war at home. On the way is in the mining town, which in uncertain circumstances, in itself, is empty. The hero of the game detects that many inhabitants have disappeared, having passed the mysterious threshold of the temple, located deep under the city, thus inciting an ancient evil.

Our character stops through the supernatural forces and decides to eliminate them to save the inhabitants and finally return home. The authors of the game, developing a gameplay model, inspired, first, Castlevanią:

Symphony of the Night of the Year 1997, the first parts of The Legend of Zelda and Diablo and Metro idem since 1986. Trying to capture the classic character of arcade games in the 80s. and the 90s but also to enrich the mechanics for a small RPG-elements, through which we can develop their skills and publish the inventory of our character.

The game was on the model of the kind metropolitan, popularization, in particular, during the first Sandcastle views. The developers of the focus on the free enough pursuit of peace, and to unlock the following levels is related to getting needed to do it, capacity and power.

The authors have prepared six major areas in which we must talk to several NPC-friend, avoid traps, solve puzzles, environment, overcome many hordes of monsters and discover the secrets of the mine. The game does not have a lot of fighting with the bosses using a standard weapons (swords, shield), and special skills.

The production offers two modes of play (normal and teasing), of which more difficult is designed for the most experienced players, including what it generates on the fly the content of the site, thanks to which they will not be identical.

The game takes us into the different environments of the inking of the city in the darkness of hell. Retro graphic was created in two sizes and succeeded in pixel art style, thanks to which the name of updatability itself platform old school ocher from the golden age of this genre.

Download CHASM Full Pc Game

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