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Delta Force is a series that does not always talk about it well. Since the release of the first opus in 1999, no less than six variations of the game have appeared.

The original title has not received a warm welcome, we have seen since an enrichment, both graphically and materially, which has re-loyalty players while conquering new ones.

Delta Force: Black Hawk Down is a new step forward, almost a consecration. It plunges us with a disturbing realism in a recent conflict: that of the civil war of Somalia, in 1993. A subject that might have been thought too fresh or too taboo in the United States to make it the central theme of a video game, and yet …

Novalogic is not afraid of taboos, because the last civil war in Somalia remains an open wound in the United States. We still remember the sending of a UN detachment to quell the conflict, and American troops called in support. We remember particularly the year 1993.

General Mohammed Farrah Aidid, then in power, manages the country with an iron fist by starving the population while arming the militia. It was on this date that US special forces, and more specifically the Delta Force, organized the kidnapping of leaders and the general in order to stop the war.

But the mission will fail. A brave failure, since a Black Hawk helicopter carrying the rangers is shot down, and the few survivors will be violated and tortured by the population. Images filmed at the time by CNN, which will hurt the whole of America and cross the world.

One suspects in advance that Novalogic has not transcribed in his game the unglamorous aspects of the conflict. On the other hand, as for the rest, everything is there.

The truth of the context is a tool to better absorb the player, who embodies a member of a Delta Force team. From the first mission, you are immersed in the devastated streets of Mogadishu, framed by a lost population, almost haggard. This one, quite hostile to the foreign forces, does not hesitate to insult you, to provoke you,

even to throw stones at you. Houses and villages are almost destroyed, at best completely old. So it is a torn country that is staged.

This graphic universe, added to your imagination but also to your concentration of player, should succeed in immersing you in the atmosphere of war.

We will simply regret the stereotyped aspect of the local population, which is almost represented by only one man and one woman, multiplied to excess. Character typified, ragged and aggressive, reminiscent of other stereotypes: those of the Afghan version of Delta Force, opus Task Force Dagger .

With a classic menu allowing the player to manage the difficulty of the mission from an easy level to a difficult level, Delta Force Black Hawk Down remains an affordable game for all types of players, beginners or not. The interface is also simple and will be quickly taken in hand.

The solo game, well framed but still allowing some freedom of movement, is even an interesting way for the neophytes of RPS to take their marks. The mission is not controlled by a countdown, you can enjoy the moment to walk the different streets of cities and different natural areas. This allows to gain a greater ease of play

Technically, the game atmosphere is linked to a heavy work on the brightness. The missions to be carried out indeed take place at different times of the day. This means protecting a distribution of food in the middle of the afternoon, destroying a bridge at sunset, or storming a radio transmitter in the dead of night.

This not only changes the look of the environment, but also the capabilities of your unit, which you will need to highlight in the mission. Thus, it will take a moment to play on speed, and another on stealth and discretion. The ease of your trips will also be modified.

The brightness evolves finally depending on the smoke or weapons such blinding grenades. Once again, the designers manage to stage a whole range of possibilities, always in a supposed way.

Most FPS players do it for a long time afterwards. Repetitive music is all the more boring. This is probably why the designers of Delta Force: Black Hawk Down have treated this aspect of the game.

The soundtrack changes as you progress in the game, and this at the very heart of missions. It is transformed according to the prevailing tension, the released atmosphere, or the treated subject. A way of indicating to the player that a stage is accomplished or that the atmosphere suddenly comes to evolve: the music then acts as a signal.

Artificial Intelligence on track

Certainly, the artificial intelligence of Delta Force: Black Hawk Down has significantly evolved compared to its predecessors, but we are still far from success.

Delta Force Black Hawk Down Download Pc

This is especially noticeable when your teammates are slow to react to the onslaught of enemies. There are countless times when they like to follow you rather than shoot in an adversary yet at close range, and who does not hold his bullets.

On the other hand, a clear improvement is accentable in street fighting and guerrilla actions. Many clashes – sometimes involving up to forty men – are very well staged, while respecting your freedom of action and movement.

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