DECAY OF LOGOS Free Download Pc Game

Decay of Logo is a hybrid of role-playing and action-RPG and adventure, developed by the independent studio Amplification Creations. Products has appeared on many platforms, including the Windows PC list.

Sources of inspiration for developers need to search not only in JRR Tolkien’s prose, as well as in northern folklore, but in the Japanese work of studio Ghibli (Princess mononoke), as well as in productions like The Legend of Zelda or even Dark Souls.

The plot Decay of Free Download Logos transports the player into a classic world of fantasy, on the territory of the realm of self-reader internal problems. The royal family enjoyed a life in peace and prosperity, as the inhabitants of dominated his possessions.

The complications began when the queen died during childbirth. The girl, who gave birth, became the darling, the lord of his birth and he began to neglect his sons. The years passed and covered by the thirst of power of the princes gave entrants in them the districts. At this moment on the arena from the player, acting at the young spritzer one of the villages.

The village became the victim of an attack unknown invaders, from which managed to escape unscathed only the main character. As a young girl, she vowed to take revenge on invaders, and the only trace that could offer the people responsible for this carnage, the royal symbolism on the clothes of criminals.

Protagonist is sent north, thus starting full of dangers. Fortunately, is not alone in this journey, she accompanies Elk, it is the mysterious creature resembling a deer. Mechanical In the Decay of Logo on the Windows PC platform action is presented from the point of view of the third person (TPS). The game world has opened up nature.

A kind of starting point is the village, with which we still spend on fantastic country territory. By visiting individual sites, we discover hidden in them the secrets, as well as find valuables and we know inhabit their independent characters. It should be noted that this is, as we met a man, he did not hold them back – items can be felt in the later stage of the adventure.

A major role played by intelligence, that make multiple environmental benefits of riddles – will receive in some places, may require more or less complex riddling puzzles, finding the key or collaboration with the mate irregulars. It should be kept in mind that at the beginning of a trip this beast does not love us too much trust –

so we have nothing left, how not to win, by providing him with food and care. Thanks to the fact that with time its relationship with begins to become more and more rights, which leads, for example, the possibility of using it as a horse.

In the production there was a place to fight with the enemies of clashes unfold in real time, and to overcome some opponents (especially the giants, exercising the role of boss) requires both an appropriate pace, and the development of some tactics. Very clever girl, – copes with the execution of the escape, tularemia on the surface,

Kiwanis back, and from the beginning of shots and execution of the counter-attacks. With the exception of melee weapons, in battles we can use offensive and defensive spells. Also did not happen here a vast system of development of the character – statistics not only increase when we kill an opponent,

but solve the riddle, and even find well hidden the chest filled with precious objects. However, it should be remembered that if we stay injured, our rates are falling and protagonist is over, in order to restore the camp forces, keeping in mind that even then, we can be in danger.

DECAY OF LOGOS Free Download Pc Game

Technical Issues of Decay Logo is an independent production, based on Unity technology. The graphics looks pleasing to the eye, in addition to the considerable merit of origin, the fairy tale design. The environment is colorful and full of pieces worthy of attention, first of all, dense vegetation.


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