Counter Strike 1.6 Full Game Free Download

Counter Strike 1.6 is fully multi-player. Until Counter-Strike: Condition Zero this first-person shooter had no campaign mode.Enjoy this classic half-life modification on your PC and be able to understand why this game has marked an era.

CS: Choose your side

You can choose between two different teams: the anti-terrorists or their enemies, the terrorists. Teams can be composed of a variable number of players so you can choose to play 1 to 1 or even 6 to 6.

There are some differences between these factions. Their appearances are completely different and you can choose four for each team. You can play as a guerrilla, as an arctic vigilante or as a US Navy SEAL.

On the other hand the weapons are slightly different between the teams and this is the eternal discussion, AK or colt. The terrorists have some weapons like the Dual Berettas, the AK47 or the Krieg 552. The anti-terrorists have the Five-SeveN, the Colt M4 or the AUG, you are free to select the one you want.

The bomb was planted

Counter Strike has three types of cards: Assassination, Hostage Rescue or Bomb Defusing.

Assassination is the usual scenario where you have to defeat the enemy team. In hostage rescue cards, anti-terrorists must release the scientists who are held captive by the terrorist faction and eliminate the terrorists. Finally defusing, where the terrorist team must plant the bomb on the assigned area and the anti-terrorists must avoid it, or at least defuse the bomb.

There are new items that you can download from various sources that can transform the game’s interface as well as the appearances and weapons of the different players.

Counter-Strike offers improved physics and graphics

CS 1.6 has the same graphics engine as Half-Life, but is graphically enhanced. He has new designs such as maps, weapons and models and his sound references are very detailed.

When you walk on the grass or in a river the sound is quite different and you can be discovered, so be careful and think of a strategy before acting.

Technically the game has aged, it is inevitable, but it keeps the same identity that made it popular in 2000.

Features of Counter-Strike 1.6

Counter-Strike has the following features:

  • Four game modes: “Arsenal: Weapon Race”, “Arsenal Demolition”, “Defusing” and “Rescuing Hostages”
  • Twelve official carets such as Siege, Mansion, Wpndepot and Prison
  • Nineteen different weapons such as TMP, AWP, M4A1 or FN M249, among others
  • Ability to choose your team (terrorist, anti-terrorist or even just spectator)
  • “Time Free” function to prepare you for combat
  • It includes “shopping zones” to increase your weaponry
  • You can customize your appearance, HUDs, sound effects and images
  • Several goals to reach

If you want to know more about this software, you can do it here

Counter Strike 1.6 Full Game Free Download


Counter-Strike 1.6 keeps the same spirit of competition. It is quite easy to play but it is very difficult to master, it is worth to be reinstalled and to win your team.

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