Commandos Behind Enemy Lines Free Download For Pc

Commandos is a few grams of finesse in a world of bullies. You play as a team of highly qualified experts who, during the Second World War , acts smoothly to win some valuable battles. Peace is at this price.

Between the green beret that can carry the bodies of its victims to hide them, the engineer who alone can drive the vehicles of the Wehrmacht, the expert sniper in long range shooting or the spy who infiltrates behind the opposing lines, you control each of your men in turn to advance them in their mission.

This demo includes two levels where you have to take control of a German advanced post and destroy a dam. All while trying to stay as discreet as possible not to rameuter the entire base.

At the bottom right of the screen, a mouse click is enough to take control of an object or weapon in the backpack of each expert. From the top line, you choose your man, make him crawl to avoid being spotted, or visualize the field of vision of enemy sentries . Easier to know how far forward.

Very manageable, Commandos continues to impress with its interest and its realistic situation in the heart of the action. Side graphics, the style remains fluid and pleasant despite the passing years but for the briefing before the missions, it will be necessary to return. To you to discover the instructions, and in English please!

Commandos remains a must in the video game, where leisure rhymes with culture. Kill the little soldiers while learning a lot about special warfare during the war.

This is a game that should delight all lovers of tactical simulation and military real time. Once launched in Commandos behind enemy lines, the player leads a troop of elite commandos plunged in the midst of World War II. Goal of the game : Initially, the player must send his troops beyond enemy lines.

His commandos then left to themselves will have to perform various missions of the most dangerous for which it will be necessary to show coolness and an excellent tactical spirit. Of course, the commandos must all come alive. In total, no less than 20 missions are proposed. Some of them are references to more or less known war films.

Those who have seen “Hurricane comes from Navarone” will find a familiar atmosphere when they have to destroy a dam for example. The infiltration of a villa plunges the player into the heart of the intrigue of the twelve bastards. And so on… Technical details : From a graphic point of view, the game is very satisfying.

An isometric view is used to represent the terrain. The player who has control of the commandos can thus have a general view of the map by simply flying over it. It also allows to quickly observe the movements of enemy troops. A green mark delimits the protagonists’ field of vision, an indication that can be decisive in the player’s choice of movement and action.

Commandos Behind Enemy Lines Free Download

The attack plant may depend on it. Simple but effective. Apart from the functions detailed above, the game offers nothing extraordinary. the immersion is nevertheless successful and it is by its simplicity that this game shines. Effective and not out of style,

Commandos behind enemy lines is still waiting for many players for hours and hours of play, dangerous missions and blazing attack strategies. The strong points : Very good strategy game Many and varied missions Film references Good visibility of the field The weak spots : Basic game options Pretty simple graphics 

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