Chronicles of Elyria Free Download is decorated in the fantastic medieval style MMORPG game with elements of strategy and survival, in which for the first time in the history of the genre controlled by the player the character ages and dies, passing his legacy to following members of the family.

The game is released on the PC platform with Windows, but also for its US Soulbound studio meets aspect, consisting of developers with work experience in companies such as Microsoft Game Studios, Sony Online Entertainment, Bungie Software, Pandemic Studios, Monolith and many others.
The action of the game takes place in a huge namesake country Elyria, but does not provide any role-playing layer, guided by one, rather next to the so-called life simulation. Outside of the norm for MMORPG, items such as performing successive tasks, in the game,

so we must also take care to satisfy the necessities of life of our hero: hunger, thirst or leisure and protected from cold and heat. During the game, we are also involved in the management of their own possessions, which are part of the family’s heritage. We can also marry the elect of heart and have with his children.

The peculiarity of the game is the fact that controlled by us character over time to age and die (with an average life span is 10 to 14 months in real time). Interestingly, this process applies in the event that we have not come into play. However, this does not mean that after death, the hero of his achievements is permanently lost.

In the game since the creation of the heroes, we become because part of the big family, and after the departure of the lair of our soul takes the role of another member (with all the consequences). Also we have possession, received reputation, titles or property pass on our heir.

Chronicles of Elyria Download PC Game has a character development system, based in general on skillach gained in the game. Depending on the player’s preferences, his character can progress to any mass of varied skills, such as wrestling, collecting resources, crafting or survival, and over time to become calling respect by the king,

the highly respected bardem or generally we do not know the “evil” facts. Special attention deserves to be also designed and requires a fighting model in which we display the moves, the inclinations and the constraints, uniting them in a powerful combo. A kind of curiosity is the fact that the abandoned here usually meet in RPG-ah maps.

The truth is, in the game there are mappers, who help to find in the game world, however, provided by the cards can be, at most, to specific tasks (for example, find the treasure). This element also connects the last worthy of underlining innovation, a system of tasks,

which we can take as independent, and other players needing it is specific topics for the development of your business. The controversy, the focus was put when quests were repeated to what has been achieved thanks to the dynamic world game , which at each entry into the system can put in front of us other types of tasks .


The game modes, like most games MMORPG Chronicles of Elyria Download Free offers the possibility to play in PvE mode, in which we are engaged in the development of the character and execution of various tasks, as in PvP where we will be compete with other players, on the same server. There was, of course, characteristic elements of the genre, such as the ability to create a guild and the establishment of alliances.

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