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Now freed from any hierarchy, the two creators start to imagine an FPS . Taking place again in the middle of World War II (we do not change a winning team), the title is based on the same foundations as Medal of Honor: Allied landing . This is a great shooting game, with plenty of scripts and unforgettable sequences.

For the occasion, Infinity Ward finds the composer of Allied landing: Michael Giacchino. Call of Duty , its name, is announced on April 8, 2003. Thanks to the power (and money) of the publisher Activisionand the talent of Infinity Ward (remember, the 22 former members of 2015), the game is supported by big names: Jason Statham and Giovanni Ribisi lend their voice while Michael Schiffer, screenwriter of Crimson Tride or The Peacemaker, take care of the story.

For its part, 2015 tries to mitigate the shock of the multiple departures of its employees but it is the beginning of the end. Men of Valor , taking as its theme the Vietnam War, only meets a success of esteem. Who is Vince Zampella?  At the head of Titanfall’s Respawn Entertainment, Vince Zampella is a regular in the video game industry.

He worked at Segasoft for two years before being hired at 2015. The success of Medal of Honor: Allied Landing earned him recognition from the industry. With his long-time colleague, Jason West, he will then breathe the cinematic and great show of the Call of  Duty license.

CEO of Infinity Ward until 2010, he will clash with Activision and create a new entity: Respawn. Passionate and unwilling to pull the blanket on him, he is a man appreciated by his teams.  The call of duty  If Call of Duty is so well received, it integrates the best of Medal of Honor while incorporating new ideas.

Spread over 4 campaigns, the Infinity Ward title features 3 soldiers from different backgrounds: English, Russian and American. With this choice, the creators were able to give free rein to their imagination: the objectives are very varied, the places visited are located in the four corners of the world, there are missions in solo or accompanied by other soldiers, the multiplayer is convincing and the atmosphere is simply overwhelming!

2015 had hit hard with the Normandy landings, Infinity Ward atomizes the previous game in terms of intensity. Call of Duty chains strong sequences and each mass battle is a slap in the face. Stalingrad is probably the culmination of this first Call of Duty, with a crazy rise to power. As we know that the team does not exceed 27 people, there is something to be bluffed. To achieve this result,

Jason West and his family created home modules that they integrated into the Quake III engine.. This is what allowed Infinity Ward to set up an engine capable of displaying up to 200,000 polygons but also different tools such as a light effect compiler, a new animation system, a detection module of collisions or the development of a group AI.

The developers have also not lacked inspiration and have not hesitated to draw, for the sake of realism, in books but also a very large number of feature-length films : When eagles attack (Brian G Button, 1969), Stalingrad (both that of Jean-Jacques Annaud and Joseph Vilsmaier) but also Band of Brothers, the Spielberg series.

The team even managed to obtain unpublished memoirs from soldiers who had lived through this sad period. Hard to do better in terms of authenticity.    On November 7, 2003, the world hosts the first episode of a long series. With the aging engine “Quake III Engine”, Zampella and West manage to sublimate a genre that begins to turn in circles.

The success is total, the game wins several awards and pushes Activision to exploit his pool to the “games” of gold. Activision knows it more than anyone else: the Call of Duty license is a roller-coaster in the making and we must not let the series be abandoned.

Call of Duty World War 2

To make sure a new episode comes out every year , the American giant decides to contact the Gray Matter studio. The latter, which will merge with Treyarch , another Activision studio (acquired in 2001) will then create an extension to Call of Duty entitled “, released at the end of 2004.

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