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THE SERIES IS BASED ON CONSOLES  The same year, Call of Duty arrives on PlayStation 2 , Xbox and Gamecube with The Day of Glory . Headed by Spark Unlimited studio , this title will be worth a long battle with Activision. Indeed, Spark Unlimited was founded by EA Los Angeles alumni and most members worked on the Medal of Honor franchise.

This leap forward will be very badly perceived by Electronic Arts who will then accuse Spark Unlimited of having seized the source code of the Medal of Honor games. A resounding lawsuit will follow , killing the employees responsible for making the first Call of Duty for consoles.

The call of duty  The game will still be released December 3, 2004 but the damage is done (some levels have even been designed by another team): without being bad, The Day of Glory aligns the defects and receives a reception of the most mixed. The developers then try to propose a suite to Activision. This one, titled Combined Forces, will never see the day.

Activision, cooled by the previous episode and its chaotic development, will end Spark Unlimited. Being afraid of nothing, the studio will attack Activision, which will immediately retaliate with a court order. The case will finally settle itself (amicably, what) and Spark Unlimited, the origin of Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z or Lost Planet 3 will throw in the towel in May 2015.

THE MACHINE GOES ON  In October 2005, Infinity Ward returns with Call of Duty 2 . The game takes place again in the middle of World War II. Despite a few repetitions, this sequel – completed in two years – manages to stand out with its staging and more open environments.

We did not want to take anything away from the Call of Duty experience, but there are some things we wanted to improve.    Vince Zampella  From now on, it is possible to take alternative paths and the level design looks less like a corridor that one follows in an idiotic way.

The other point to emphasize is the quality of the graphics. It suffices to live the mission of the Pointe du Hoc (landing in Normandy) to realize the visual gap made since Medal of Honor: Allied Assault . While the guys listen to the  Sergeant’s speech, others can not stand the violent pitching of the barge and start vomiting.

In the distance, the cliffs are emerging little by little, while gusts and shooting bullets pass a few centimeters from you. The waves are smashed on the boat, it explodes everywhere, there are shouts, soldiers are touched even before feeling the dry land …the intensity is tenfold higher than Medal of Honor .

Call of Duty 2 does not reinvent anything but does it in such a way that we can only salute the performance. Call of Duty 2 trailer For this production, considerable resources have been put in place. A titanic work was done on the artificial intelligence  of the game so that the enemies can hear the movements of the player, create ambushes, delve into the recesses …

It was then necessary to test the game hundreds of times so that all Behavioral bugs are eradicated. This effort also focused on the indications given by your colleagues but also on the communications of the enemy. Many military terms have been used to reinforce the realities of situations.

Finally, for immersion to reach new heights, designers and artists spent considerable time studying real environments (They traveled in France but also in North Africa) and a storyboard was drawn for each sequence. We have an artist and a game designer who went to check what a North African village looked like.

We have also sent some artists to Normandy to draw inspiration from French villages, which are very different from the Americans’ perception of  them.  Jason West With this sequel, “running between bombs” has never been so realistic. Immersive as ever, Call of Duty 2 will even be adapted to Xbox 360 for the debut of the Microsoft console .

This adaptation will be a big stress for Infinity Ward because the architecture of the console is not finalized when the firm of Redmond comes knocking on their door. Working on a “ghost” machine is not an easy thing. The developers of WipEout (PlayStation) or Panzer Dragoon (Saturn) could talk about it for a long time.

The call of dutyThe call of dutyThe call of duty  TREYARCH ENTERS THE DANCE  Originally, Treyarch is not a company accustomed to FPS. We owe them excellent episodes of Spider-Man or quality adaptations on Dreamcast. Yet this studio Activision entrusts Call of Duty 2: Big Red One , for home consoles.

As Infinity Ward polishes its PC version , Treyarch is responsible for creating this parallel pane. For a first attempt, Big Red One is doing well,  but the game is far from the standards of the time . Designed with limited means, this second component on consoles does not mark the spirits, the fault to the absence of risk taking.

The call of duty  Call of Duty 3: On the way to Paris will experience multiple platforms, including the 7th generation of consoles (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii) but will never be released on PC. For this third iteration, the motion-capture has undergone great improvements. The movements are more flexible, more realistic and the reactions of the soldiers are consistent.

Moreover, the evolution of technology has allowed Treyarch to push the bidding war in visual effects, going as far as to exploit the least fabric, the least fiber. In particular, the team scanned real uniforms dating back to the Second World War with the help of a highly accurate scanner. Focusing on the weeks leading up to the liberation of Paris on August 28, 1944, the developers were able to develop new points of view.

Call of Duty United Offensive

In the single-player campaign, the player embodies Polish and Canadian soldiers who have come to lend a hand. Welcomed favorably, but without disproportionate excitement, Call of Duty: Walking towards Paris proves that Treyarch is on theupward slope but that there is still some way to go to match Infinity Ward. When we know that the title was achieved in justeight months, we may be part of the problem …

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