Battlefield 1 Game Free Download Full Version Pc

Battlefield 1 Download Free This is another pełnoprawna edition of one of the most popular series of first-person shooter games focused on multiplayer gaming.

The cycle began in 2002, the game Battlefield 1 Download PC Game and lived up to four plays, as well as several spin-offs in Battlefield Vietnam, Battlefield 2142, Battlefield: Bad Company and Battlefield Hardline.

The appearance of the next position of the originally compliant range, the developers of the studio DICE, which since 2006 is a part of the company Electronic Arts.

The new game in the Battlefield series was officially declared on May 6, 2016, and released on October 21 on the three major hardware platforms. The version on the Windows PC, traditionally, stands above its similar konsolowymi in terms of graphics quality and select the available configuration options.

The plot, As the title suggests, Battlefield 1 Download Free brings us to a completely new one for the series, but very rarely used by video game developers, the reality of the First World War.

The plot shows us a global conflict in terms of five independent heroes, had the opportunity to participate in the first major armed conflicts of the twentieth century. With them we are witnessing the birth of total war, which – contrary to popular belief, has brought the greatest technological revolution in the history of the art of war.

It was in the years 1914-1918 the first was carried out using valorizing artillery, mortars or toxic gases, upowszechniono tanks and machine guns, also began to use the support of aviation.

As part of the roleplaying campaign, we are taking part in some of the greatest battles in the history of mankind, which take place on the various fronts of the Great War: from its narrow streets to the villages of France, to through strongly defended forts in the Italian Alps, sunburnt deserts of Arabia.

Mechanics from the point of view of the mechanics of the game Battlefield 1 Download Torrent is a kind of “return to the sources of the series, throwing a player in the center of the war and gives them much more freedom of action, that it is in the last games of the loop. Separate missions go here on the rozleglejszych and more maps,

which constitutes a perfect contrast quite linear and playmakers in półzamkniętych the provisions of the tasks with Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4. Responding to the specific reality of the First World War were, of course, its reflection as in armament or vehicles, and in a completely different style of combat.

The clashes in Battlefield 1 Download Free brutalniejsze steel and have a more personal character, since much more emphasis has been put on the battlefield in the melee, for example, using blade-clearing mines or at the bayonet.

The soldiers of the infantry, the game allows us to orient ourselves, among others, the different planes (as szturmowymi, as fighter planes and bombers), three types of tanks, as well as endowed with great firepower behemotami: bronenostsem, the airship and the train of the harbor-hull.

What is very important, the individual support of the units, very different from each other, even inside machines of this type – so that the ability to control, for example, the light of the tank can not not be enough for normal pokierowania of his heavy model. An attractive addition is also the possibility of incarnation in the rider’s cavalry and taking part in the battle, just with a back.

The game modes Published on the Windows PC platform Battlefield 1 Download traditionally offers the campaign, which presents the role and different options multiplayer fun. Unlike most of the series hits, the two game modes very close together, and the mechanics of the campaign does not differ significantly the specifics of the brawl in multiplayer.

Here we have the opportunity to ride epic battles network involving up to 64 players, which is reflected on some of the most spectacular fights in the history of the genre.

The biggest novelty in the game modes issue is an operation. This is the battle on the historic ground, conducted successively on several maps; successfully, the gameplay here is the combination of conquest modes and assault.

Technical technical issues of the studio production EA DICE uses, as always, with the benefits that the latest generation highly appreciated about the Frostbite engine.

In Battlefield 1 Download Crack this is expressed mainly on a greater interactivity of the battlefield, expressed, in particular, in a system of destruction and in addition the effects of the campaign and evolution) on the course of the game. the game, we can destroy not only large and small war machines, but destroy entire buildings of wooden huts, huge stone strong.

Battlefield 1 Game Free Download Full Version Pc

The novelty is also the system of dynamic control of the evolution of the weather, time, significantly reducing visibility. Given what we are dealing with in the first part of this series, created exclusively for eighth generation PCs and consoles.

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