Assassin’s Creed Unity: More and More Realistic Free Game Download for Pc

He had been waiting for a foothold since we saw the first cinematic bluffing of realism on this very Frenchy topic: the  Revolution of 1789. This episode is supposed to be that of change. This is good news because even though we liked Black Flag, it still resembled Episode III. On the way to the filthy streets of Paris at the end of the 18th century!  know Assassin’s Creed well if you follow our articles for a while. We have offered you a test of episode  II ,

its sequel called Revelations  and episode III obviously. There was also a spin off on Vita, here is the test.  And  then the pirates landed on current-gen  and on next-gen . But the next-gen version of Black Flag was born from a multi-  platform development, so not totally optimal for a new console. This time, we are offered a brand new episode, developed  specifically to exploit new architectures and in preparation for several years, in parallel with other episodes.  We propose you to play Arno. Young impetuous, it makes us think of Ezio by his carelessness. But quickly, he is caught by  maturity.

The father of his love is killed in strange circumstances and it is Arno who is accused of this misdeed. He will then join the rank of assassins in order to serve his thirst for truth.    Historically, things stand. After a first pass to introduce the character, we attack quickly by the States General. Here is our Press Start: Known gameplay …

We find the foundations of the license. You play as an assassin and you will be able to assume various missions to advance  the story. This goes through the assassination, the spinning mills or the frantic pursuits. From this side, we are not too  out of place. But do not believe that Ubisoft has just changed the theater of operations, on the contrary, this episode  begins a real turn for the series….

And a lot of new stuff Regarding missions, there are now co-op missions. You must join Internet users to perform a crime or steal objects. Nice, very nice, although it is not always easy to infiltrate several. Performing these missions with other players gives meaning to the word cooperation. The feeling of being in a real team is simply enjoyable. But wait, there are many other things. The puzzles of Nostradamus will offer you difficult challenges.

We will have to solve these puzzles from very, very vague clues. Friendly. You can also help the police by solving murders. We liked these phases  a lot, they are quite relaxing between two missions more focused on the action. Here, you collect the clues and question the suspects. It’s never very complicated but you still have to think a little to find the culprit.

The Parisian stories offer many side quests that still offer us the opportunity to penetrate a little more in this tormented capital. There is also the theater café that offers management of establishments: renovations, extensions and profits are on the menu. We are in known territory here,

the license is used to make us managers.  And then, randomly, you will have public events , not shown on the map. All of a sudden, a point will appear above a person and an action will be required, such as flatten a thief for example. This gives a little unexpected side and that’s good.  As you can see, there are tons of things to do and I can tell you, as regulars in the series, that these new missions really renew the gameplay. And it’s all the more appreciated that the city is totally open from the beginning.

To you the big  spaces!  Our home video: Maneuverability revised upwards But missions are not everything in a game like this. Still it is necessary that the maneuverability is at the rendezvous.And here we still have a very good surprise. Your character has never been so handy, it has lost rigidity,

it is less clumsy than in the past. Thus, the free race has evolved well. We have gained fluidity. There is a new combo that allows you to slide under a table or go over a wall without too slow down its course. There is still some heaviness as usual in the series but we get used to it very quickly. But what makes these races really exciting is the new possibility of entering the buildings. Cities are no longer just facades. You can cut through an apartment, enter through a window to reappear on the other side …

In short, atall good. This is good news, especially since you will often flee adversity. Because yes, the title makes fewer gifts thanin the past.  Harder …Ubisoft had announced it, it’s much harder. In fact, the title is more about infiltration than hard fighting.  So you will have to play it velvet in all circumstances.

The opponents are much more attentive than before and they tend notto drop their investigations. You will really have to hide yourself in an intelligent way. Know also that it is much more difficult than in the previous opus. Here, you do not have multiple bushes (no functionality to whistle to kill the opponent  either), instead the hiding places are rather scattered. To overcome this, the character can squat slightly to enter  infiltration mode. It is a known mechanics, it is the witness of the will of the developers to put these sequences in the center of the game.   Also avoid throwing yourself into the heart of a troop of enemies.

The fights are much more complicated, more realistic. The  enemies attack you in hand-to-hand combat while the gunners line you from a distance. Often fatal. You have a dodge and a boot to deflect attacks from your enemies. These are now surmounted by a bar of life but also a gauge of attack. Use it to counteract with the right timing to unbalance them. Some might say that these fights are a little less varied than before

but their difficulty makes them much more interesting.  Joystick in hand, all this translates into an arduous challenge and a constant feeling of insecurity. Experienced players will only see benefits, but newcomers may experience some painful hours of training. That said, the game is worth the effort.

And then many other things  NPC gestures have been improved too. In the past, sometimes, we could fit into a group to hide, and it lacked a bit of  realism. There, when we approach a troop, we look at you, we fear you and especially, some of the people go away.   There is progress also on murder missions, with the system of opportunities. There are many different ways to access murder. Nice this opportunity to choose his method of investigation. We can also talk about killer clubs.

These are guilds of players, it’s new in Assassin’s Creed. There are even competitions between clubs, not bad.  We will not detail everything, the pleasure of play is not in the details, but know that it is very complete: various and varied improvements, historical encyclopedia, new weapons, new clothes, …  A terrible atmosphere What I like, personally, in the series is the historical atmosphere.

This opportunity to travel in time, to immerse yourself in a city teeming with life.There I was served. It has never been so neat. Paris introduces us to its filthy streets populated by agitated sans-culottes. Every corner, every building plunges us into this troubled time. You can almost feel the oppressive stench, witness of a time when diseases were the real queens of the streets.

All this is served by graphics totally worthy of this new generation. The animations are fluid, the fabrics fly in the wind and the textures, especially on the facades, are very detailed. But the most bluffing is the number of NPCs. There is a crazy density and this populace really seems to be endowed with life. The lights are not left out, Ubisoft has put the package on this point and the result is quite impressive.

Assassin’s Creed Unity

The balance sheet is very positive. We were promised a trip to the French Revolution and the promise was kept. The game travels with a rare pleasure. This atmosphere is supported by gameplay changes that have been expected for a long time.  On the side of the flaws, we can report frame-rate drops a little painful, teams have certainly had a hard time totally mastering these new consoles. But the most embarrassing is the disappearance of multi competitive mode. We loved it! Of course, it was supplanted by the coop missions but still we miss it.

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