Ash of Gods: Redemption Download PC Game is a tactical RPG with elements of card games, released for the Windows PC platform. This project is the first independent studio of Aurum Dust, which in 2017 organized a fund raiser on the production of the game, which ends with a success.

Among the sources of inspiration for the team has found, in particular, the series of The Banner Saga and Japanese RPGs as the cycle of Fire Emblem. The plot of the History of the Ash of Gods: Redemption Download PC Game has been integrated into the world created by the fantastic writer Serge Malicious on the need to book Ash of Gods, emerging in parallel with the game.

place of action is the world Terminus, inspired mainly medieval Europe, whose inhabitants for 700 years, enjoyed the relative calm. But now, humanity has to face the advent of extraterrestrials called in the single-player campaign, which faces the death of civilization.

Avoiding this can only be a handful of brave men, who, in various circumstances, join the expedition for the settlement of the threat. Mechanical in terms of gameplay Ash of Gods: Redemption Download in the version for the Windows PC platform to recalls mentioned here The Banner Saga.

The team of heroes travels the world with the help of the map, to all the people we meet, speaks with characters and carries out the task. The latter provide experience points for the characters (allowing them to develop their abilities) and progress the plot of the game forward.

An important feature of Aurum Dust’s work on moral choice. Developers, depends on the fantastic world insertion, which is achieved, in particular, the position of pressure on situations in which the player must make a difficult decision. Each of them can have an impact not only on the course of the plot, but the fate of the characters.

Even the main characters are not invulnerable, and their death does not mean the end of the game – the story will continue, whatever, will happen until the end of the adventure, or die on the road. The game encourages risk-taking, in battle, as during a trip.

Going on the reduction can expose the heroes of the threat, but saves you valuable resources that long journey of the safest route. A system of battle Ash of Gods: Redemption Download Crack refuses in real time, of the famous, in particular, with Pillars of Eternity in favor of the classic shots.


As in the works of Stoic’s studio, the clashes take place on the stage, divided into squares, which move to war. Each character is distinguished from the class, which falls on his stats and his combativeness, and, therefore, his role on the battlefield. Victory determines the right tactical choice, according to the proper abilities and enemy heroes.

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