ANNO 1800 Download Pc Game

Anna, 1800 – the next part of the famous cycle of economic strategy, on which the tutelage exercises belongs to the company Ubisoft Blue Byte studio.

The production fell on the Windows PC platform, and, as its name suggests, its action was an action that takes place during the industrial revolution, it is about the time of the great geographical and scientific discoveries and of industrialization.

Mechanical, as in previous parts of the Anno 1800 series Free Download the player plays the role of a sovereign on whose shoulders is the task of creating a prosperous metropolis. Since struggling with only a handful of subjects and modest of the colony,

he must guide people on mobilizing the resources necessary for the survival and ascension of follow-up structures, As well as creating complex production line, it is also important skillful planning of urban infrastructure to accelerate the processes taking place in the city.

Product management, you can trade freely or exchange them for those that do not currently exist. It is worth remembering the broadband on the needs of the inhabitants and meet the demand for certain products. And if our actions lead to the store starting to burn empty,

you can still pay taxes to correct the budget hole (good and bad citizens happiness). An important element of the game is also diplomacy with neighbors, you can do more or less friendship, join unions, or finally to make war. The game modes, Published for the Windows PC platform,

Anna 1800 offers both campaign, which is a single player game and a mode for casual games, as advanced multiplayer mode. The technical issues Anna 1800 is characterized by the high quality of the graphics.

Developers have designed individual elements of the facility and the environment, with his attention to detail and production processes, you can observe closely, by checking, for example, how the work in the city of ‘factory. The rest of the first game coincided with stymieing anniversary of the series,

ANNO 1800 Download Pc Game

launched in 1998, Anno 1602 Creating a New World. Since then, the cycle has been like several great views, like a number of spin-offs, designed for a variety of platforms.

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