Category: Adventure Games

Who said that you can not experience real adventures? If you can not make it to the other side of the world or you do not like putting yourself in danger (because the best part of the adventure is of course to actually experience it), you can immerse yourself in the action right here in this game category.

Here you can try yourself as an adventurer as often and as long as you want. And of course with endless repetition possibilities. (Unfortunately, this is not an option in real life.) There are so many different ways to experience an adventure in the hundreds of free titles you find in this section.

Build and ride roller coasters, explore jungles or fantasy kingdoms, fight zombies, or experience battles, solve cases and mysteries that are either human or supernatural, or discover scary houses in the dark. You can go on adventures as a cute furry creature or as a beautiful princess with rainbow hair.

Or experience the Wild West as Cactus McCoy. Whichever you choose and which avatar you choose – the adventure is entirely in your hands! Save your favorite adventures in your profile and come back here again and again to the Adventure Games to see the new options that are added regularly.