Absention Download Torrent is made in the horror convention, adventure adventure-the game with elements of ranking in which you are trapped in a time loop, we are facing misidentification of evil.

The name of Australia’s first independent production studio Dream Wave Games. The plot of the game transports us into an elegant mountain of the residence, which the main character inherited after disappearing under mysterious father circumstances.

Exhausted long journeys to plunge us into sleep, to be birdsong through the music box of the old days. At the same time, someone who chops nutrition, and the residence comes covered in thick darkness.

With horror, we find that from the depths of darkness we look sinisterly at the eyes of the monster. Some time later, we wake up again, knowing that we were locked in a mysterious temporary loop, and on our life watches for the nearest undefined force.

In the game, we cross the same night several times in the mansion, in which the layout of the room changes each time in a random order. Remain unchanged for the key elements of the plot, and our task is to draw conclusions from the mistakes made previously and the gradual opening dark secrets of the residence.

From the point of view of mechanics, the game is a bit like Alien: Isolation, because the game does not meet the battle sequence, and our life is hiding one, but powerful and intelligent, the enemy.

With the exception of intelligence and correct logic puzzles, the game focuses, so the Mankowski element, and our main goal is to prevent contact with the monster.


The person enjoys an impressive – both on independent production: graphic design, achieved through the engine Unreal Engine 4. The title also offers full support for Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets.

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